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How STC are you?

Blog | January 5, 2021

One point for everything you’ve done!

  • Took a ride (or 10) on the Carousel
  • Turned your car off and got out to watch a ship come through the canal
  • Carved your name in a booth at Dianna Sweets
  • Watched a performance at the Sullivan Theatre
  • Had a Homestead Long John
  • Attended In the Soil
  • Rowed the Henley course
  • Watched a Baby Blue Jays or Stompers game
  • Watched a movie at the Lincoln Theatre, Pendale Cinemas or Fairview Mall
  • Tobogganed at Jaycee Park
  • Bragged that Neil Peart was from your hometown
  • Bragged that “Lakeside Park” by Rush is in your hometown
  • Spent a Friday night at Gord’s or Shooters
  • Crushed a sub at Ed’s Subs & Scoops or Mystic Jacks
  • Bounced between The Lakeside, Port Mansion and The Lions on a Sunday night
  • Shopped at Towers on Bunting Rd.
  • Saw Bryan Adams at Garden City Arena in 1988
  • Played at the “rocketship park” a.k.a. Pearson Park
  • Used the Consumer’s Distributing catalogue to make your Christmas list
  • Attended Grantham High School
  • Watched the train go around the in The Hobby Shop downtown
    Spent Grape & Wine at the “event in the tent”
    Shopped at Opus or Boat House Row
  • Every convenience store is an AVONDALE no matter where you go
  • When you worked out at the YMCA it was either the old Downtown or Grantham location