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Preferred Accommodations

For over 40 years the Nitsopoulos family has been working to bring comfort and convenience to the Niagara Region.

Their journey all began in 1970, when five brothers opened a restaurant with four simple mandates in mind: “strive to be the best at what you do, provide superior products and services, surround yourself with excellent people and always go the extra mile.” From there the brothers went on to purchase their first hotel, the Howard Johnson in St. Catharines (currently the Days Inn.) To this day the family still operates under those core mandates. They have gone on to grow their business and own/operate three hotels, five restaurants, two fitness centres, a conference centre, Parkway Lanes and Lounge SIX.While the brothers continue to be an integral part of the operations the entire family works together so everyone in the Niagara region can…enjoy it all.

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